Dorian Craft continues to establish himself with a fine new EP on Radiant. The French artists originals come with a remix from Sabb and one from Fabio Aurea and it makes for another great package. 

Avila is first up with eight minutes of deep and enchanting house. The claps and bell sounds are smooth and seductive and really pull you in. The Sabb remix is  just as deep and spine tingling with its exotic synths drifting off into the sky.  Fabio Aurea then tweaks it and layers in more starry synths and cosmic keys and Les Mots Du Ciel is the next original. It’s a drawn out and dramatic cut that is patient, with well crafted synths and real emotion in the pads. Last of all Kaskida gets more turbulent, with sharper kicks and hits and more edginess in the synths. Overall though this is fantastic house at its best.

Avila is out now! Grab it here: