Celesta Recordings welcome Ezikiel for a fantastic album that shows off a fine grasp of groove and real sense of emotion across nine great cuts.


This artist is from Switzerland but with Jamaican heritage so those influences both come to the fore on the moving tracks. They are often long affairs that slowly build the pressure to really make their mark. Rototomwav is first and is a scurrying minimal groove with great drum programming. Etipia is a more party starting cut with lively piano stabs and bristling drums while Selassie is perfectly trippy with masterful drum programming that Ricardo Villalobos would love.


Elsewhere there are pressured cuts like Rainbow Warriors which have a busy, energetic and tribal feel thanks to the vocal chants and organic hand claps, while Never Come Back is deft sound symphony for freaky afterparties where cerebral trips are what is required. The Woman From Balkan is the closer and another tight, kinetic cut with enchanting vocals that really gets under your skin.


This is an exquisite album full of flavours, slick studio skills and killer grooves.


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