Plenty of big names will all feature at the 16th edition of the Free Your Mind Festival and you can expect plenty of the big production to be on call that has made this such a fast-growing and essential event to attend. This year we look at six of the best names to play to get you in the mood for the great event.


Amelie Lens

There is no holding back with Amelie Lens. The breakout Belgian star is a techno temptress who lays down dark, driving sets that are stark and absorbing. She is a powerful DJ with slick technique and great taste.

Anastasia Kristensen

Another breakout star, this Russian sensation has a broad style that takes in techno, IDM, rave and all manner of weirdness in between. She is someone else who likes to layer up the intensity and really get you where it hurts and keep you locked there for the duration.

Chris Liebing

The old master is in the form of his life. His last album on Mute was dark, introspective and drew on influences like Depeche Mode. The CLR head is just as on it in the DJ booth these days, with his widescreen sound really taking you on a trip.

Henrik Schwarz

House music will offer a nice break from the more techno dominated line-up and the stylish jazz tinged grooves of Innervisions man Henrik Schwarz will offer plenty of lushness, musicality, depth and warmth.

Joris Voorn

The old Dutch master will be on home turf here so expect his very best. He is someone who can tease out intricate synth details on top of driving drum lines and go melodic, deep, hard, or whatever is required.


The Dystopian label boss is about hypnotic sounds that are shadowy and spooky. He is a master of holding down a groove at cult places like Berghain and is someone who can achieve a lot with a little. Definitely worthy of your attention.