How are you AIWASKA, where are you, how has your year been?

The project’s history began in 2018. I worked a lot at the studio looking for a unique sound, and in January 2019 I found it. I also thought about the concept of the project: name, image, ideology. Now this is all ready to see the world!

What are the most important lessons you have learnt over your 20 years in the game?

I have 3 points:
1) Music: all the time work and upgrade your professional level;
2) Team: you need to work in a team if you want to be a winner, and you need a really serious team;
3) Concept and Ideology: people love your music and understand what you are trying to create.

How has the game changed, the way things work, the value of music and so on in that time?

Everything becomes more serious and often it is no longer a game; this is serious work not only about music, but about everything that happens around it. If you want to be successful, you need to think about all this, but the music is always the main priority.

How have your own tastes and styles changed in that time, and what has informed those changes? Age? Technology?

I would say this all comes with experience. The more you work, the more knowledge comes to you. You need to be multi-faceted to create something unique.

What made you want to start a new anonymous project?

I would say otherwise: conspiracy is part of the ideology of the project. There is no emphasis on a particular person, it is a mixture of music, nature and shamanism.

How different is it to the stuff you have done before?

I am a creative person. I create my worlds in which I invite people always.

Tell us about the first EP on the new Elly Fly label. Where and when did you write it, for where, with what gear?

As I said, I worked on music throughout 2018. This EP is the first part of a great story that you will see soon. I will say this in music I use modular synthesis, live organic sounds of nature and digital synthesis. Music is magic.



How did you meet Sharam? What’s your relationship with him like?

I respect him as an artist, and I was very happy to make a debut EP for his new music label. For me it is very symbolic, because this is also my debut EP.

What else have you got coming up/are you working on?

Around 10 tracks will be released in the next six months on labels like Bar 25 Music, Radiant and more. I am also preparing a website – project ‘’ on which we will help the planet to survive. My music and ideology are connected with nature and therefore my main task is to help nature and our planet.


AIWASKA’s ‘Holy’ EP is out now on Elly Fly
Grab it here