Hey Idriss, thanks for taking the time to speak with us. You’ve been in the music industry for several years now. What’s been the single biggest change to it since you first started out?

Thanks for the slot …lets say the digital for my point of view didnt help our Movement …gave the possibility to everyone to become an “artist” creating digital labels ..digital promos ..learning how to mix in two weeks ..etc etc. This affected the market and the crowd lost the trust ..

You’ve just released your ‘H.H Hayeti Hayat’ album on your own Memento Records imprint, and it’s comprised with a great diversity of sounds. What made you bring together dance, ambient, and experimental tracks?

I’m actually a very slow producer ..no time for the studio because of my focus on dB artists with my team and touring ..so when I release a work this goes straight for Memento records. This is my second album and I wanted to involve artists I like ..sounds I like …to convert my influences in an album through the feats like my uncle Mohamed lamine Zerouala ..the great voice of eryn Elliott and the talented hip hop singers libbera 

You must have worked with so many incredible people, but who’s been the best influence in your music career so far?

For me Luciano and Carl Craig stay my influences because I have a constant relation and contact …Dj set ..studio vision and test …having these two friends and colleagues gave me an access to the next level. 

Of course, the industry has many figures, from musicians to label owners and promoters. Is there anyone you wish to collaborate with in the future?

Omar souleyman for sure.

The album includes both an intro and an outro track, we feel this brings a greater cohesion to the albums storytelling abilities. Was it always your intention to produce a beginning and an end?

Yes ..I wanted to catch the attention immediately with a big intro ..and closing the work with an emotional track …not a strategy but I just wanted to express my emotions. 

Being dynamic and always innovating is of course, the way to stay relevant in any industry. How challenging is it to keep innovating alongside other artists and labels.

For me the challenge is my daily life.. I set myself everyday a goal to reach …I keep thinking even while sleeping in order to have everytime something to show ..to see …to be interesting …and to avoid mistakes … my love to the music has no limits ..and I’ll always break obstacles and any block ..like I always did. 

Following the album, we could forgive you for taking some time to relax and enjoy the release? What have you been up to in the recent weeks and is there any new upcoming projects for yourself?

So I was off from traveling for the last three weeks at home in ibiza ..just listening to vinyls to get ready for the winter tour ..gym ..cooking …really a total chill ..to rebuild myself and get ready for the new season. Coming projects ..yes to sell the album hopefully ..touring and promoting it. Working during the day with my lovely team on dB artists new projects. Memento records plans and also ..I’m working to grow my pecs and biceps 🙂

Idriss D’s ‘H.H Hayeti Hayat’ is out now on Memento Records

Grab it here – https://www.deejay.de/Idriss_D_Hayet_Hayati_MEMENTO039_Vinyl__334566