Audiohell interview with Sweet Musique


Hi Audiohell, pleasure to speak with you 🙂 How are you?
I’m fine, thanks. I’m very glad to be here with you, guys. Thanx a lot for this space.. pleasure is all mine!


How has 2018 treated you so far? Any highlights? What has been good / or bad?
This year I think will be one of the most important years in my career… I decided to get back into the game 100%. From January until now I’ve only worked in my studio on the new 11 track album. This will be the second of my life, after exactly 13 years since the first CD Album “House Terrace” (CD I’ve composed with my old DJ nickname, Jimithesun). I’ve also stopped my own historical project Digital Traffik and We Traffik Bookings & Tour after more of twelve years of activity. A new company is taking shape so, yeah, definitely all is really exciting now.


First off, tell us the story behind Digital Traffik. How did it come to start and what was the inspiration behind it?
I opened this record label 12 years ago, when being a label manager was not as “usual” as it is today, where all DJs open their digital label in about two days. In those years it was not that simple, believe me. I lived the birth of Beatport, the change of the musical format: from vinyl to digital. Those were the years of change… here’s the reason also of the name Digital Traffik. The word “Traffik” was intended as a drug dealing (music is our drug)… “Digital” because being already on the digital distribution was vanguard in those years. I started my DJ career in 1998 playing vinyl and producing music with CuBase and Reason. Founding a label for me was a need, not a choice.


How would you describe the Digital Traffik sound?
Up to now in Digital Traffik I’ve produced about 220 songs, 20 vinyls and 100 EPs including artists as DJ Sneak, Tania Vulcano, Martinez, Marco Faraone, Nima Gorji, Spencer Parker, Basti Grub, Supernova, Marco Effe, Neverdogs, ONNO and many more… but trust me : in 12 years of managing the label I’ve never selected a song thinking about the genre. I produced deep house, techno, electronic, chill house … everything that made me feel satisfied. I have always tried to feel with my heart the atmospheres the music transmitted to me.


And why are you taking a break as a label? Is it real you also want to close your booking agency WeTraffik?
This year I am 40 years old and I decided to change things and start again with new projects. I have often done this thing, starting from my stage name that I changed to AudioHell 4 years ago. I think changing is just a great opportunity. This is why I decided to take a break on this project : I want only search new stimuli.  I hope to find soon a new crew able to manage Digital Traffik Recordings, as some serious and music lover guys who have the time and the desire to bring a project so ambitious, as me in this last 12 years. So for the moment : this label will be paused for some time.


WeTraffik Bookings instead will be closed for definite… this project has ended. Of course our artists such as Basti Grub, Marco Effe, Supernova and more will be continued as booking by Alex Henning, my old partner in this project. I’m sure he will continue to make great work  with dozens of gigs every month all over the world, as in this last WeTraffik years. A lot of artists and insiders called me in these days and told me something as “it’s a shame” but my days have 24 hours, and this project needed from me too much time and energies honestly. I repeat : Alex will continue alone with an 100% great work!


What are your best memories of the label? What have been your favourite showcases and parties?
I had great satisfactions with Digital Traffik / WeTraffik Showcases.. On the discography I’ve produced two CDs for the Ibiza Space nights (which I mixed), a CD for the Movida Club in London and more. Our songs also had very important licenses (the official Enter Ibiza compilation of Richie Hawtin to name one) and obviously the great satisfaction was to see how many great Djs have supported our music during the times (as when Paco Osuna in front of thousands of people closed the queen’s party in Holland with a track Digital Traffik) .. At the ending it was hard work but has repaid me of many emotions. Speaking about the showcases I think to have organized more than 100 parties in my life in partnership with my label. I can’t forget the wonderful years in Berfis Verona where every night was sold out with 2000 persons on the dance floor… or the crazy nights at The Loft in Milan until 12 am in the morning. Totally crazy memories!


Would you say the scene has changed a lot since the label started?
Surely, my friend. Everything has changed: the music business, sources of income, club licenses…. and club culture!


If so, for better or for worse?
Thinking of what I have answered to you in the previous question I should tell you: worse. Instead I prefer to say to you that the business model has simply changed. In the past working in the discography was more expensive and less immediate. Today everything is faster but the business is completely lost. Is not my opinion : I let the sales speak. The future of music for me will be free (music as a means of promotion and stop).


What will you be doing while the label is on a break?
First of all comes my album and the creation of my live performance for the tour. Secondly, I want to take a path that has always fascinated me: managing artists. More infos is coming soon..


What does the future hold for such a prestigious label?
As I have always tried to do, when Digital Traffik will return on the scene, this will be with great music and big artists. But everything must happen at the right time: I have to find the right crew. Digital Traffik is not just “Jimi”. With me there were very valid people who helped me, supported and above all they believed in it. I’m talking about Corrado (aka Clive) who helped me direct the label, Alex Henning as booker and also the JukeBox PR staff who in recent years helped us with communication and record promotion.
A crew that believes in the project and who works with a smile is always the most important thing. In our last 12 years this was our mood in every single day. I think it is called “the right feeling”…


What does the future hold for you as a manager? What further goals and projects have you got cooking?
Managing artists is something that I have done for years also over the booking. Now I would like to dedicate myself in a professional manner also to the discographic and image aspects. Very soon there will be a company launch but now I can not anticipate more. I’m sure this will be a great project and I really hope to win this challenge too… Fingers crossed!

Listen to Audiohell’s guest mix here 🙂