We have the pleasure of speaking with Bamao Yendé, French DJ, taskemaker and owner of eclectic, vibrant label Boukan Records. Kmown for welding together or aspects of dance culture, Boukan are celebrating their latest VA featuring all the artists which are part of what can only be described as the Boukan family. We find out more about the label, how it came to be, the inspiration behind the sound and more…


Hi, pleasure to speak with you, how are you? 

It’s great, still a little scattered with the holidays etc but we are getting back into the  rhythm very slowly, a lot of outings to plan on boukan records, we get back to work quickly.


Tell us bit about the ethos of the label. What inspired it and how did it come about? 

Boukan Records is the sequel of the first collective I had set up with friends to me called YGRK KLUB. This first group included painters of scenographers couturiers and producers from the West suburbs of Paris. With Boukan records music in the heart of the project and I opened the friends of the label to other pals with whom I worked, and I respected musically and personally, Boukan records is a Label but a family above all, it’s all my best friends in everyday life.


How would you describe your sound? 

Hmm, I do not really know it’s on the border of lots of stuff it’s tinged with afro beat, uk garage, house, hip hop & breaks it’s a cocktail of influences that rocked us since we were small.


Where do you take inspiration from before going in to the studio? 

It depends a lot I am in a phase where I am inspired by manga so I try to incorporate Japanese vocals on my productionss, but they change very often, I’m pretty broad and like being close to sources of inspiration, my friends inspire me a lot


Would you say Boukan has quite a family vibe to the label. Are you all quite tight? 

Yes Boukan is a family, we support each other in everyday life, on football pitches, in the DJ booth or in the studio. There are several projects that will happen or we collaborate with each other.


If so, how did you guys meet and come to make music together? 

Fatal Walima and Moku John come from Cergy like me, we are from YGRK Klub. Moku John taught me the basics of Mao it’s my sensei aha.

Sottoh, I had invited him to put a track on a compilation Ygrk Klub, after it has matché direct, since we are very close.

Walman and Nyokobokbae come from the 19th of Paris we met in the evening, we were more or less the same people we had laughed a night, we leave now, Kabaka is the family too, we all do more or less music all together it happens soon on boukan it will be hot, there will be more hip hops projects more suave, we recruit singers and we are working on ca aha


What artists would you say are your main influences at the moment? 

I do not know if I have an artist in particular but at the moment I’m listening a lot of broken beat and I look more seriously at the oriental music I know nothing about it and it’s really rich, it’s a ocean of music in which I have not digested yet so I’m rather happy


Were you always musical growing up, what drove you towards this sound? 

I had classical training at the conservatory where I made solfege and piano, it was a little disgusted with the sound, I started again after high school with my friends by starting the MAO, I’m trying to take over the piano but it’s more the jazz side that interests me.

For this sound I do not know exactly, it’s a kind of cocktail of everything that rocked me since I was small so it’s a bit complicated to explain the why of how aha


What music do you listen to outside of this genre? 

Right now I’m listening a lot wizkid and Kojey radikal


What do you do to unwind outside of producing and DJing? 

I love lounging on huge pebbles in the creeks of Marseille, or share slices of fun with people I love, nothing beats a good bit of football too.


What does the future hold for yourself and Boukan? Where would you like to see it in 5 years time? 

We hope we will continue to grow slowly, that the records will come out and we will continue to flourish to do what we do and the the vibe will continue.

Boukan Vol. 1 is out now! Buy it here: https://www.beatport.com/release/boukan-vol-1/2326028

Label FB: https://www.facebook.com/Boukanrecords/