Who is behind the label? When did it start? 

Behind this label there are me “Christian” and Fabiana in art FABY & CHRIS it was born in December 2014 and already in 2015 we made our first releases with various remixes by LEON, Marco Effe and Emanuele Inglese. 

What was the vision for it initially? What sound did you want to represent? 

The vision and the idea has always been to put together some of the best Italian DJ and producers. Our style is from house to the most electronic tech house and why not, also something techno … all the artists are free to express themself musically as they want. 

Are you working only with artists you know, Italians, or can anyone send demos? 

We make a few releases and take care of the promotion, so we spend months of work for every release and we often work with the DJs we prefer but we don’t rule out to listen something new too! 

What makes Italian dance music unique, do you think? Does it have a certain style? 

I think there’s one thing in common among Italian DJ producers: the desire to dance everybody … a mixture of what the producer likes and what people want to listen . It’s not coincidence that many Italians play around the world and produce for very important labels …

Does artwork and format like vinyl matter to you, or just the music? 

Today everything is important even if we focus more on the music product. Graphically we are very classic style.

Will you do LPs and well as EPs or are you all about the dance floor? 

It’s something that goes hand in hand for us. We offer some label showcases with the DJ producers who produce for us. 

 What are the hardest parts about running a label and getting it established? 

 The hardest part is to bring out our productions in a period where too many things come out and often to the detriment of someone. 

 And what is the best bit?  

Personally for us the best part is to be able to produce and bring out in the market what we like most, without having releases decided by other label managers and we also like to give a way to others of this privilege. 

 What have you got coming up/are you working on?

Italoboyz has just come out with a remix of Leonardi Gonnelli. Soon a various artists release will come out with several popular names and less popular but talented. 

 Anyone you would really like to work with a dream world? 

 We value many artists, but one that we really like is Laurent Garnier

Faby & Chris (dj producer Duo) founder /Made in Italy Music.

Buy Made In Italy’s release here: https://www.beatport.com/label/made-in-italy-music/71492