You hold some key residencies in Belgium – how different do you play as a resident vs as a headliner?

As a headliner you kind of have a big pressure to deliver some crazy peak time moments but as a resident you are able to take people on a journey and make them discover more obscure and deep tracks.

What is unique about the Belgium scene, why do you love it, why should we come and experience it?

It is very typical to blend classic tracks into your sets in Belgium so you immediately are connected to the history of dance music. People are also difficult here, hard to please so that makes it interesting because I always had to work hard to make a good impression during my sets. Once the party really gets started then it can get quite big.

What do Belgian crowds like music and style wise, are they different to places around Europe, do they like something unique?

Yes, they are really different. We have had electronic music for a long time now. The nineties were huge here, so people really know a lot about music and they are hit sensitive. Which means in your sets you should always include something they might know. As mentioned above I find it different than the rest of Europe as I always feel a big pressure to deliver more here.

What are some of the proudest moments in your career and why?

Without a doubt the fact that my music is now being played by the big ones around the world.
It’s the recognition of your work, and that really matters.

Tell us about the label you run, what’s the vibe and aim of it?

I ran my own independent label Lany Recordings for almost 9 years, with all the ups and downs, but I had to stop the activity due to the fact that I needed to focus on my own career.
The vibe was really my own personal taste; deep, timeless and quality house music.

You have had support from Kolsch and Solomun – what’s that like to have them play your tunes?

It is really something else to have them play my music all the time but it also increases the pressure of delivering even better music now.

Your new one is called Renaissance – tell us about where and when you wrote that?

It came after the summer last year, when I finished my other music. I still had this feeling of unfinished business. I needed to work on that one break that I was still missing on other music. I had to express myself in a bigger way. The string layered with the crazy stabs followed by this absurd drop was the result.

Do you make tunes to play in your own set? Is that what you are thinking in the studio?

No, I make music to be able to express myself first, if they fit the sets I play, then it’s party time!

Is dance music a place to escape for you, or should it reflect the social-political state of the world, like it did in the 80s in Chicago?

Dance music for me is a place to escape and to come together with like minded people, for sure!

What else have you got coming up?

The next EP. ‘My Story’ will be released on Moonbootique (DE) sometime in April.
It includes two original tracks with remixes from Kolombo and Cornelius SA.

Pre-Order The New EP ‘Renaissance’ Here: