Hey Nhan, great to meet you! How has your year been, what have been the highs and lows?
Hi Sweet Musique. All is going well so far, thanks. 2017 was an amazing year full of experiences and highlights – just wonderful! Just came back from an amazing Mexico Tour. I love Mexico, such a beautiful and colourful country. Parties and crowd were nuts!!!
We at MOTHER turned five and celebrated our Y-5 Years Anniversary which came with in full effect! Limited Vinyl edition, limited shirts and long sleeves collection and all organic and Fair Trade. I also made my personal dream come true, designed my own MOTHER Skateboard deck.
Defo one of the biggest highlights is the launching of our brand-new sister label SUPERFETT RECORDS, which brings a slightly different sound to the world. 100% functional, club weapons that is full-on and physical. We are also super proud to announce our MOTHER in-house booking agency named EVEREST ARTISTS. 
Representing artists as Dilby, Illyus & Barrientos, Nhan Solo, Shaf Huse, Simion and Superlover. Personally super happy to closing the year with a Beatport House Top 10 record „Akira“ which was just released couple of weeks ago.
Lows, what’s that? 😀


Has your style, your taste or technique evolved much this year?
Who knows me its about House, House and more fucking House. My style hasn’t changed too much this year! I am still aiming to transport a sparkling energetic vibe on the dance floor, still spinning good feel House music. 


Oh actually my BPM raised a bit higher, but never loses the groove and vibe. 🙂

Your latest ‘Akira’ track is a huge party anthem! What was the inspiration for you around the track?
Thanks great you are digging it. I always loved the vocal, I played around with a heavy driving groove and it turned out to a party monster. I caught myself going apeshit over the specific groove and break of „Akira“ and have to laugh about myself. 
That’s when I think: the floor might enjoy this as much as I do – and can’t wait to play it out to see the reactions, hahaha…


Where do you start on a tune in the studio? What’s most important?
Well, I always worked quite focused and efficient. I always have an idea that is built around a sample or an idea and from there it’s all about creating a core loop for the main part of the track. Then, I gradually add all the other elements step by step like a cook seasoning his dishes. But the best ones still are created in a short period of time, basically flawlessly made from one piece. If the workflow’s right, you can go deep very quickly and mold the essence of a track.


Mother has become a big label with a big sound – you recently reached the 5 year anniversary of the label, what have been the best and worst bits of running it so far?
Thanks for the attention and words, it is warmly appreciated!  Yes, we just turned five and very looking forward to the next five years. It has been amazing so far seeing the other side of the industry and of course I learned a lot. I’m very happy that everything has been super smooth so far. For sure it has been a lot of hard work and dedication, but 100% worth it. I’m really thankful to have this amazing team with reliable artists. Those guys always help to keep everything running. We all push the label to the fullest. I’m very proud of Mother Recordings, our collective and independent house label.
In the beginning it is always tough to get things rolling, but when it starts working out… it’s a god damn awesome feeling. It’s still tough to run the label with all the deadlines, PR plans, or to pick the right tracks and to say „NO“ sometimes. For example, we already said „NO“ to couple of #1 hits. But the most important thing is that it still makes it fun and I love it. 


How do you know what sort of music is right for the label? What’s the vibe?
MOTHER RECORDINGS is very democratically – we’re discussing and deciding everything as a team. I need to give a huge shout out to my lovely team, who are always happy to work on MOTHER RECORDINGS. I’m very lucky to have an amazing team around me! We are all trying to release only quality music; quality over quantity. We don’t want to put out a flood of music, we don’t focus on the obvious, and we don’t jump from one bandwagon to the next. This is our philosophy, and this philosophy guides the way we run MOTHER RECORDINGS. MOTHER RECORDINGS stands for a certain type of savour and quality. 
What’s the vibe? Let’s say we are aiming House music with feel good vibe!


How did you come to work with Robert Owens? What was it like?
Actually, that’s the most smoothest story. I love House music and I love Robert Owens since day one. The first time felt in love with his powerful voice while listen to „Bring Down The Walls“ on Trax Records. As a huge fan it was always a big dream to work with him. I already knew that he is aware of MOTHER RECORDINGS and love our musical output because he almost always sent feedback to all of our releases, so I connected him via mail. Boom, the rest is history – he got back immediately and asked for some beats for his upcoming album, so we finished two tracks together, easy or not. 🙂 No joke, this dude is a legend, so humble and so easy going and we all know „If God could sing, he would sound like Robert Owens!“.

Have you got goals, hopes and dreams for the new year? What are they?
We at MOTHER are very looking forward to found our Mother Australia office in 2019. We do have a feeling the peeps on the flip side love our output and music.
I personally cannot wait to tour my very first Australia, New Zealand and Asia Tour. Being a Skateboard and Surf dude, it was always a dream to DJ and surf at Bali. Nothing better to cure your hangover with a fresh coconut, right? 🙂
It sounds a bit hippie and romantic, but the world needs more love, peace and happiness. 
Thanks for having me. Yours truly, Nhan_


Nhan’s ‘Akira’ is out now on Mother Recordings
Grab it here – https://www.beatport.com/release/akira/2402930