Intro & Still
For those tracks I used nature sounds combined with a hard warm bass sound. One day I walked with my dog through the woods and recorded the sound of the trees and some animals. First intention and thoughts dropped by the silence in the forest. That’s why I called the title “still” (German). Also, love the great vocals from Annika (Nusja).


I think that´s the most “commercial” song. I heard the vocals and built all instrumental stuff around. One of those vocals you can listen to on a permanent loop.



Buena Casa
I just picked up the key sound from an old sample library, the groove and the Spanish vocal sounds like summer in Ibiza. I’ve been playing this track since last year in my DJ sets.



Pommes & Disco
Also a club banger – the keys and the short bassline work well together.


It´s a melodic techno song about dreams and hopeful emotions. At that time I was listening to a lot of music by Joachim Pastor. I just built the pattern and the whole arrangement in 5 hours.



Faith (Instrumental)
I wrote these first chords in Greece. I just listened to some music on a day trip to Faliraki. Later, back in Germany I finished the song with some experimental stuff like the dropping sound of an elephant. It sounds a little bit like Moderat “Bad Kingdom” :D.


Interlude & Below
I also used a nature / water sound. I recreated it from an old 2015 project.


Forbidden Desire
Wuhuuu, that´s very personal and secret for me. I would love to leave some space for interpretation for my followers. It’s crazy and beautiful at the same time.


I played the lovely violin chords after a hard jogging workout – the flow in here is just great. After one night I fixed the song but my audio engineer wasn’t pleased. The bassline sounded really shit in my car.


Violent means Violent because of the hard and massive bass/synth arpeggio. It´s the heaviest sound on my album, no more words needed 😀


Faith feat. Flav. Fay
My bonus song is a dub version with vocals. The last part of the track, sounds really magic. I felt in love with the spoken, whisper voice of Flavor Fay. I think that’s the perfect ending for my LP.


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Panik Pop