Prunk has been making his name since 2013. In that time he has put out music on top labels like Nervous and also established his own PIV Records. That is where he lands now for a seven track mini album that finds him going deep.


Across all the tracks the Dutch producer explores house music from many different, equally classy angles. It makes for an album that works as well in the club as it will at home or on headphones.  Right from the off there is a super laid back and warm vibe with More, which has rolling kicks and smooth chords.


Hotel Downtown brings New York vibes to the grooves, and the title track introduces some spoken word mutterings for extra soul. New Mountain then gets laid back and breezy with open air and summery chords, Studio 54 has dipped kicks that get you dancing more intensely but still has a musical character, and The Light sends you home on great piano keys and punchy drums.


All in all this is an accomplished soul album with production that is fulsome and characterful and grooves that cannot fail to get you.


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