Ray Mono is a man on the rise and now he proves that again with a new EP on Zingiber Audio. The house and tech producer serves up two slick originals that come with a remix from minimal master DoubtingThomas. 


Opener Entourgare is a crisp, smooth rolling cut with glistening hi hats and noted beats. It’s smooth and breezy and designed to get your moving. Lost Souls is warm and fuzzy thanks tot he swirl gin comics pads that wrap round the groove. A dark bassline adds weight and this one is sure to make a real mark on floors that know. French minimalist DoubtingThomas then reworks the cut into something slippery and seductive with its slithering grooves and supple sound design. It’s a top end to a top EP. 


Buy here: https://www.deejay.de/Ray_Mono_Entourage_EP_ZNGBR07_Vinyl__348358