How are you, how has your year been?

Hello guys, such an exciting year.  I had alot of fun during my gigs, amazing tours in Australia, USA, South America, and this summer in Ibiza with Ants and Black coffee/ house keeping @ HÏ .

Are you fully self taught in the studio? You have famous skills – do you use software or hardware? Do you care about the tools?

I’m working every day in my studio trying some new stuffs, I mean if you want to release hot tracks you have to work a lot to find the right groove!

I’m not really into software, I love raw stuff so I use analog stuff, for the beat as roland mc505 / TR 09 for beats, and I sample into analog from Ableton with drum hits . I built my first Modular system , which is really for me the next step in production.

At the beginning I was bit crazy about all cables and possibilities but with time I could understand each modules and how to find my right setup.

My favourite other thing is Sampling, from everywhere (disco, soul, even YouTube), I sample everything I think interesting in my ears !

Did you feel any pressure releasing on such a legendary label as Robsoul?

Oh yes! Robsoul is a legendary label, to be honest I sent few times some tracks in the past, without positive answer, so when Phil Weeks told me that at this time he was hot to sign me I really was like a child during Christmas.

This is normal to feel pressure when you have a release, and more on a label like Robsoul, but I trust on what I produce, and I already have nice feedbacks so the pressure begins to calm down 🙂

The tracks are all super positive and feel good, is it your mission to to spread such vibes when you make music?

I never produce or play dark music, even if I play underground or disco stuff I always keep the groove and happy vibe because this is what I like and what I am I think.

It’s why I wanted to change direction for once and make this disco EP, maybe I wanted unconsciously to spread happy stuff, to make people feel hot during winter 🙂

Are the tunes all made from original parts or do you sample? What are your views generally on sampling?

I sampled some funk and classic disco, with some drums I made and analog basses to have more power. We can hear lot of different things about sampling , if it’s good or not …

Sampling is used for many years , even in 70’s some rock band samples other people to make famous tunes. Sampling is a way to produce music, and we saw with hiphop that it was unreal the way how a classic track can be reborn, or simply not be forgotten. The main thing for me in sampling is to create something new keeping the vibe of the music you sampled.

Do you make tunes to fit into your own sets, or a certain party or dance floor?

My first Ep ‘can’t believe’, was definitely not made for dancefloors, and when I was booked some promoters were surprised because I didnt play slow deep house music . It’s why I changed my direction to produce more club stuff with ‘Acid love’ EP and some others. But as I really love disco stuff , I decided to come back for this time to some Disco stuff with this Ep, but something I can play on dancefloors, so I put this groove in it!

After more than a decade in the game, what keeps you enthused and excited?

The passion and the challenge! Just live from what I love the most in my life, music … it’s why I’m more and more in the studio to make music and reconsidering my career, I may go into an analog live to make something different and a new challenge. I’m bit afraid about doing a live performance in front of people but I mean another reason why I decided to make music my job … maybe because I  want to see how far I can push myself.

What else have you got coming up/are you looking forward to?

A remix for the 10 years of the death of Didier Sinclair will be out soon on Serial, which means a lot for me when we know what he did for the House music scene!

I’m working as well on two underground EP’s, I hope it will be ready soon.

What do you hope to get for Christmas?

I will play to Bangkok , then Epizode Festival  (Vietnam) with my Fam from Giasai (II faces and Veronika Fleyta) Then I will celebrate the new year in the jungle with my girlfriend, the best way to begin 2019!

And finally do you have goals and hopes and dreams, personal or otherwise, for 2019?

I will try to make people around me happy spreading the good vibe 🙂

The Mekanism’s ‘Funny Time’ is out now on Robsoul Recordings

Grab it here –