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Artist(s): Tom Pooks & Joy Kitikonti
Title: Pink Voyager EP
Label: Family Piknik Music
Release Date: 3rd August 2018

1) Tom Pooks, Joy Kitikonti – Pink Voyager (Detroit Mix)
2) Tom Pooks, Joy Kitikonti – Pink Voyager (Travel Mix)

Tom Pooks & Joy Kitikonti are back with another release on Family Piknik Music, this time in the form of their ‘Pink Voyager’ EP.Two mixes of their most recent production efforts, both centred around the same base idea but varying with individual characteristics that give them their own respective personalities. The Detroit Mix is exactly what you would expect it to be with lots of modular influence, driving rhythm and acid undertones. An energetic and upbeat track with a skipping beat and lots of punch, a definite vibe builder for sure.The Travel Mix replaces its predecessor’s modulation and creates a more space-aged vibe with big pads, atmospheric FX and fluffy synths. Another vibe