How are you, how has 2019 been so far?


Our year has started off beautifully. We had the pleasure of playing the massive CityFox Odyssey event on New Years Eve in Brooklyn. Corey and his wife have taken some time to relax on holiday in Madeira Portugal, and Ryan and his wife have been enjoying their new twin baby boys… little Wild Padawans 🙂


When did you start making music and why?


We began our DJ career back in the late 90’s and we first started dabbling in music production roughly around 2001. For both of us, traveling down a life path that allowed the creation of music meant true happiness. 


Does it always work, do you always get on, and agree?


To be honest, yes we do. It’s been 20 years, and as DJs and producers, we continue to agree. Being brothers oddly has it’s genetic advantages.


Who does what? Do you each do your own aspects of production, like on the bass, one the keys or whatever?


It’s more of the “whatever”. Our process is always evolving as we reach individual plateaus. We both enjoy programming all layers of a track. We’ll individually record a ton of audio for a project, and than both agree on “whatever” makes the cut. 


How did you link with Nazca Records? Did you send them demos or?


We caught a video of Los Suruba playing our track “Why Not” off our trueColors release in the beginning of 2018. Their label manager, Mike Rossi, reached out to ask for a remix for their label called Suruba X, which resulted in our remix of Siopis ‘Rock Black’.
At that time, we had just finished the demo version of our track titled ‘Day for Night’ and sent it Alvaro & Delmar of Los Suruba to check out. They inquired with interest for their Nazca Label. From there, we hit it off naturally. Talented guys, quality label. 


 Tell us about your new ’Sacred’ Ep for Nazca Records. What inspired it?


‘Day for Night’ was the catalyst that inspired the Ep. When Los Suruba asked for two more tracks to complete an EP, we happily obliged. We delivered an EP that was consistent with the label’s native vibe. 


What gear do you use, software or hardware? Does that matter?


Being happy with the end result is what matters most. We write in Ableton and utilize a variety of VST’s and collected hardware synths. We also like to incorporate Maschine, as well as original drum and field recordings. Over time, we developed a technique to process audio and achieve our signature sound.


What is the Brooklyn scene like? What sounds are big now, does it influence you a lot?


In our opinion, the level of event production in Brooklyn has reached new heights. From etherial venues and artistically cultivated event spaces, the Brooklyn scene is strong and thriving. You can find massive lineups week in and week out. These days both Techno and the Deep House/Burning Man culture is dominant and we’re inspired by the merging of the two.


What else have you got coming up this year/are you working on?


We were really busy in 2018 writing music for this year. These next few months we have original EP’s coming out on Supernature, Akbal Music & Where The Heart Is, as well as remix projects releasing on Eyedyllic , trueColors & Nazca Records 😉 


Have you got ultimate goals and hopes and dreams for the year?


Our goal is to live out 2019 as happy and productive as we started it. We’re ecstatic that our sound is being enjoyed around the world and hope to continue to live a life full of creativity as we continue to deliver.


Wild Dark’s ‘Sacred’ Ep is out now on Nazca Records
Grab it here