Terminal V’s latest and great offering went under the subtitle of The Reckoning. It was a monstrous show once again at an expanded warehouse space The Royal Highland Centre. 
The production was next level, with giant visuals and impressive sound systems that really made a mark. The crowd came in all manner of wild costumes to add to the movie-like experience and plenty of Joker style faceprint added to the creepiness. Musically it was on point again with world class names playing multiple stages and really blowing minds. We were there to hear it all and here are the five best sets. 
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Amelie Lens
This Belgian has become the face of contemporary techno, and for good reason. Her sound is dark and unrelenting and she is a DJ who can keep up the pressure for hours on end. A setting like this is perfect for her to really do the business and that’s just what she did to a hardcore fan base. 
Alan Fitzpatrick
The South Coast techno titan has turned out some of the biggest drum lead grooves of recent times on his own We Are the Brave as well as the mighty Drumcode. His sound is powerful, all consuming and rattled the walls of the warehouse here and really made an indelible mark. 
Michael Bibi
The Solid Grooves bossman and regular Ibiza kingpin served up some big, expressive house music with chunky drums and the sort of synths that wash over you and get you lost in sound. Amazing stuff. 
Laurent Garnier
This iconic Frenchman is a real master of melodic, epic, uplifting techno. It is music that is both ethereal yet powerful and after years in the game he really knows how to balance his set perfectly and lead you through a series of peaks and troughs. A real masterclass. 
Gerd Janson
The Running back boss and occasional music writer is a real eclectic selector. He can do dark techno, light disco, camp houSe and plenty more. He knows what to reach for, when, and always serve up kaleidoscopic journeys of sound. He really kept the crowd in its toes with his unpredictability here and was a real standout as a result.